Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 secrets to finding joy

finding sweetness in the simple pleasures
what brings you joy?

How do we find joy in the hectic craziness that our lives can become?  Pause a moment.  Close your eyes and remember the last time you laughed, I mean laughed so hard you thought your sides would split.  Don't judge yourself if it's been years.  Don't judge yourself period.  Just remember that laughter.  What were you doing?  What was so funny? 

Do it again.  Whatever it was, just commit to yourself, right here, right now, and do it again.  We can let responsibility take precedence, and take ourselves too seriously.  Let that go.  I'm giving you permission.

1.  Laugh.

What about the last time you ate something super duper delicious?  What was it?  Forget about calories and fat content.  Eat the chocolate.  Enjoy the richness of it.  Savour the flavor.

2.  Eat something yummy.

Look to the beauty all around you.  Notice your surroundings.  Put the cell phone down.  Leave twitter and facebook and pinterest alone and appreciate all of the beauty around you. Make a commitment today to stop all the input and demands for ten minutes. Enjoy.  A flower.  A mountain.  New snow.  A squirrel.  Be a kid again and allow yourself to delight in your surroundings.

3.  Go outside and play.

Remember the feeling of squishing play-doh in between your fingers?  Or what about those funny watercolor sets that come in a tray, remember how the paper would curl when you paint with them?  Make something with your hands just for the fun of it, not because it'll be the next greatest thing in your etsy shop.  Have no end result.

4.  Make something with your hands, just for fun.

Have you ever found money on the sidewalk?  Has someone ever surprised you with a compliment? There's delight in a gift we don't expect.  Be that gift to someone.  Do or say something kind for someone, even if you don't know them.  Leave a dollar on the sidewalk--on purpose.  Tell a friend how much she means to you.

5.  Bring a surprise gift to someone, even a stranger.

Today I make a commitment to reach deep into who I am, into who God made me to be.  I will find joy.  I hope you'll join me.  Where are you struggling now and what is easy for you?  How are you reaching for joy today?

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  1. These are great ways to be joyful, Andee! Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video that made me laugh so hard my sides were splitting. I woke up my son I was laughing so hard. I have the weirdest sense of humor... sometimes I'm embarrassed that strange things strike me funny, but that's the way God made me! Thanks for the permission to laugh and play! :)

    1. Oh yay! Laugh laugh laugh! Love that!

  2. I love these suggestions! Great post!

    1. Oh Callie!
      Thanks for the compliment. xoxo

  3. Thank you for your blessing words for "Joy" J-Jesus


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