Tuesday, April 17, 2012

all natural eye makeup remover tutorial

i've been using this eye makeup remover for several months now
it's all natural
with a pH that is well balanced for your skin
it's also possibly the easiest thing you've ever made.

it's kinda funny that i'm even calling this a tutorial
because there's really nothing to teach
so are you ready for this awesome tip?

olive oil is my new eye make remover

but if you know me
you know i'm all about packaging
so instead of just putting a small bottle of olive oil in my bathroom cabinet,
i decided to make it cute

so i guess that's where the tutorial part comes in

Materials Needed

extra virgin olive oil
empty bottle
since i'm all about being green,
i repurposed a bottle i already had
{i used one from an old bath & body works body gel}
{download below}
clear packing tape

1.  wash + dry your empty bottle
2.  put funnel over empty bottle
3.  pour olive oil into bottle
optional, but gets points for the cute factor-
4.  cut out label
5.  apply to bottle with clear packing tape
making sure all paper is covered by the tape
i applied one piece of tape horizontally
and another vertically for good measure

to use,
simply apply oil to a cotton pad
and wisk away your eye makeup

so many benefits 
it's frugal
it's green

it's great for your skin 
{i hear that olive oil has the same pH as human skin}

and since i'm all about making my homemade products look cute,
i want you to be able to download a free printable label too

download labels here


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