Friday, May 4, 2012

fun gift wrap tutorial

when i give several gifts at a time,
i like to coordinate them by using one color theme

for mr. handsome's birthday this year, i went with green as my color
and wrapped each present with some left over scrap fabric

wanna do the same?
here's how:

materials needed:
gifts in boxes
wrapping paper in solid color
{for this project i used brown kraft paper}
scrap fabric
clear packing tape
{packing tape seems to hold fabric down the best for me.  you could always use a glue gun too}

1.  wrap presents with wrapping paper
{not shown}

2.  measure and cut a wide piece of fabric
make sure it is long enough to go around the short width of your box
{mine is about 7 inches wide}

3.  measure and cut a thin, shorter piece
{mine is about and inch thick and about 4 or 5 inches long}

4.  at the center of your wide piece,
tie the thin piece around it

like so

5.  leave the knot on the underside of the fabric
{the print of your fabric should be facing outward}

 so it looks like this

6.  wrap around your package and secure with clear packing tape
{not shown}

7.  i like to position my fabric "bow" on the upper third of the present
i just like that proportion, 
rather than smack dab in the middle

happy gift giving!

what gifts are you wrapping these days?
what are your fun gift wrapping tricks?
share in comments

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  1. My first job was as a gift wrapper at a jewelry store! I made bows by the hour. :) I appreciate your sweet little details.

  2. I love that you coordinate all the gifts... and using kraft paper is brilliant!

  3. VERY COOL idea! I never thought of using fabric and I love the way you did it. The blank wrap under it makes it so tasteful and classy!! Filing away.... :)


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