solution 1 -凯发网

  • media converter

    the application of optical media converter uses optical cable as connection medium in ethernet network. low-loss and high anti-electromagnetic interference capability of the optical cable, extend the

  • eoc system

    eoc (ethernet over coax) is mainly used in catv bidirectional network transformation. eoc system consists of ha3200 series eoc master, ha300 series eoc salve and coaxial distribution network.

  • epon hd image monitor solution

    currently, broadband access service becomes the new and grown-up telecommunication business step by step. since epon has some good advantages such as: good compatibility with ethernet, high bandwidth,

  • the qtr video monitoring system solution

    the qtr is a railway with the highest height and longest line in the world, qinghai-tibetan plateau has special location, complicated natural and geological condition.

  • cwdm system solution

    this solution is a new broadband access for ftth/fttp, with which 8 channels of signal can transmit in a single fiber, especially suitable for broadband access in building and residential area. the fe

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